Friday, October 23, 2009

Waiting for Bento

With some of my puppy bento pictures, I'm not sure what I like more...the picture of the bento, or the picture of Lucy waiting for her bento.

Introducing Lucy's Bento Box

July 10 Friday Puppy Bento, originally uploaded by Karetchko.

A few weeks into my summer experiment of Friday Puppy Bento, I decided to get Lucy her own bento box. An online retailer was going out of business and they had numerous bento items for sale. This was my first time using a box with a divider.

Lucy's First Bento

Bento for Dogs, originally uploaded by Karetchko.

On the first day that I attempted to make a bento lunch for myself, I also made Lucy her first bento.

Lucy enjoying PuppyBento

Lucy enjoying PuppyBento, originally uploaded by Karetchko.

It took me a while to figure out a good way to get a picture of Lucy with her puppy bento. The thing is, once she's been given the food, the photo opportunity is basically over. This was an early attempt. The bento box is so new that it still has a sticker on it.